Region VI Track & Field Records

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Below are listed, to the best of my knowledge, the Region VI High School records for Track and Field.  There may very well be some records in need of updating.  These records are records recorded in Region VI Championships.  There are many cases where a performance by a Region VI athlete at State Championships is superior to the Region VI record. When that is the case, it makes sense to me that the better performance should be the Region VI record, perhaps with a note that it occurred at State HS Championships.  However, I'm not sure what the rules are, and who establishes them.  This is a topic that Region VI coaches might want to discuss.

All distances metric, except as noted, where non-metric records are superior to metric records
Times in 10ths are hand times
Times in 100ths are fully automatic times

Boys State Records

Event                 Athlete               School                   Mark    Year
Girls' Triple Jump    Bev Krupa             West Valley           34' 5.00"  1994
Girls' Long Jump      Janay Deloach         Eielson               17' 6.00"  1982
Girls' High Jump      Bev Krupa, WV (92)    Dana Bottoms, E (94)   5' 2.00"  
Girls' Shotput        Jeannie Hebert        Monroe                39' 3.00"  1987
Girls' Discus         Jeannie Hebert        Monroe               117' 3.00"  1987
Girls' 100m dash      Passion Richardson    Lathrop                   12.3h  1990
Girls' 200m dash      Passion Richardson    Lathrop                   25.3h  1990
Girls' 400m run       Regina Cambilargiu    North Pole                59.66  1998
Girls' 800m run       Sara Gish             Lathrop                 2:23.0h  1988
Girls' 1600m run      Sara Gish             Lathrop                 5:09.7h  1988
Girls' 3200 meter run Sara Gish             Lathrop                11:04.4h  1988
Girls' 100m hurdles   Karma Zimmerman, WV   Kelly Carlson, WV (8      15.7h  
Girls' 300m hurdles   Karma Zimmerman       West Valley               46.9h  1988
Girls' 4 x 100m relay                       Lathrop                   50.5h  1989
Girls' 4 x 200m relay                       Lathrop                 1:45.1h  1990
Girls' 4 x 400m relay                       North Pole HS           4:14.0h  1998
Girls' 4 x 800m relay                       West Valley            10:17.74  2001
Janay Deloach's 100m (FAT) of 12.46 at the 2001 Region VI Championships 
         is superior to the Region VI record of 12.3

Girls State Records

Event                 Athlete               School                   Mark    Year
Event                             Athlete             School           Mark     
Boys' Triple Jump     Dereck Ladson         West Valley           42'10.25"  1996
Boys' Long Jump       Dereck Ladson         West Valley HS        22' 3.50"  1997
Boys' High Jump       Ben Blackburn         West Valley            6' 3.00"  1981
Boys' Discus          Howard Harrell        Monroe               171' 5.00"  1990
Boys' Shotput         Howard Harrell        Monroe                53' 8.00"  1990
Boys' 100m dash       Sandreikis Roginson   Lathrop                   10.60  1993
Boys' 200m dash       Ambrose Mazion        Lathrop                   21.82  1994
Boys' 400m run        Munya Maraire         Eielson                   49.27  1998
Boys' 800m run        Michael Jordan        North Pole              1:56.92  1998
Boys' 1600m run       David Dyer            Lathrop                 4:25.44  1992
Boys' 3200 meter run  Mike Kramer           Lathrop                 9:38.3h  1985
Boys' 110m hurdles    Andra Bradshaw        West Valley               15.2h  1990
Boys' 300m hurdles    Roman Gray            West Valley               40.5h  1988
Boys' 4 x 100m relay                        Lathrop                   43.72  1994
Boys' 4 x 200m relay                        Lathrop                 1:28.8h  1994
Boys' 4 x 400m relay                        Lathrop                 3:27.4h  1990
Boys' 4 x 800m relay                        Eielson                 8:37.4h  1996

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